How To Choose The Best CMMS


If you still don't use a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), chances are you're probably still utilizing an Excel-based system that might still be working pretty well today.

But you should know for a fact that just because it's working, it doesn't always mean that it's ideal. Utilizing CMMS has been said to be a huge step towards having a cheaper maintenance for your facility which is far more effective and efficient.

Why the need to use CMMS?

There are a lot of maintenance teams out there that have a bad habit of reacting whenever they encounter breakdowns rather than planning on establishing a plan to avoid it in the first place.

Moving From Reactive To Preventive Maintenance

The best way for you to move from such a reactive maintenance is to make sure you're working towards a preventive maintenance approach - focusing on coming up an idea of how to fix a machine before it actually breaks, rather than scrambling to have it fixed later. To read more about CMMS  software, go to .

CMMS software by Fincio is a huge help in implementing preventive maintenance in two ways:

It would be a lot more reliable than having to keep track of maintenance from your paper calendar, or by having your tasks scheduled in Outlook. You could even set your desired time-based and meter reading-based notifications from your CMMS, which makes your scheduled maintenance a lot more easier.

By using the best maintenance work order software , technicians may also log a problem immediately once they spot it. This would let the team have the problem diagnosed and repair it before causing anything to break down.

Get More Done By Having Less

The thing about CMMS is that it has the capability of keeping all of your relevant information - everything from reports to records to work requests to schematics - in a single database that is easily searchable which would make finding it a breeze. By significantly reducing the time of your team searching and filling out paperwork, you will be increasing the time to be spent on actually maintaining assets.

Prioritizing Your Work

You already know for a fact that you do not always have the necessary resources in order to get the work done 100%. Instead, you will be forced to keep your energy focused on the most critical repairs as well as maintenance. With the help of CMMS, the maintenance manager will be able to have a central view of every upcoming work orders as well as all in-progress jobs which would make them determine their top priorities and act accordingly.

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