CMMS Is Not a Four-Letter Word


With implementation failure rates ranging from 50 to 80 percent, it's no wonder that a many people would consider "CMMS" to be only a four-letter word. In the experience of many people, they have seen many failed Computerized Maintenance Management System or CMMS implementations or very slow implementations. For a more customized solution which will contain the exact features that you will require, selecting a suitable web application development service can be worthwhile. Additionally, there are rarely seen an organization strongly using their CMMS; most are using just a feature or two of these powerful schemes. It is like using just the bottle opener on your Leatherman which can do so much more, couple that with duct tape and you are irresistible.

There are a plenty of reasons for having a failed implementations or under-utilized CMMS. Below are some of the common which you might be able to relate.

Wrong System for the Job: How many of you are presently using your IT department's work ticket system to manage your work orders? This is all too common. The IT systems and the like are good for managing service requests, but they fall way much shorter on providing the business equipment that you need in a CMMS. Learn about building maintenance software here!

Money to Buy It, but No Time or Help for Implementing It: How many of you are in your ump-teen month of implementing your CMMS? Going on several years or probably still working on getting your tool and/or maintenance schedules loaded into the system in your spare time. Do not worry; you are not alone on this one. Unluckily, this is a common state of most CMMS implementations. You finally get the approval of your manager in buying a CMMS and maybe even some training but you do not get any assistance with the setup or further administrative support needed in implementing and maintaining a CMMS. The truth of this is, the failed or delayed of your CMMS will create it all the more complex for you to make a request in adding more funds because you did not do well with what they already invested. Therefore, you cannot do it alone, you obviously need help. To get more tips on how to choose the best CMMS  software, visit .

Slow and old system: There are a few that did a CMMS implementation years ago but was not able to upgrade it over time or the machine maintenance software is just no longer supported. Also, it is tough to upgrade because there has been so much invested in the old system and you don't want to lose any data and change is really difficult.